Duping TheDirty.com

The people behind CleanBox Entertainment consider the hoax to be the most advanced form of social manipulation. We’re also in the promotions business. So, naturally, we got thinking about how we could combine our two passions.

Enter thedirty.com, a website that points a spotlight on the gold diggers, ballers, and posers that make up club life, from the hotspots of LA to the watering holes of the Jersey shore. Despite poor writing and extremely repetitive subject matter, the website enjoys an absurd level of popularity among fraternity rejects nationwide.

We recognized in this audience of red bull, vodka, and ecstasy ingesters the perfect demographic to capture with “The Promoter”. One of The Dirty’s main targets is the typical, talks-big-but-is-really-in-way-over-his-head, club promoter. So, since that’s pretty much what our show is about, we thought it would be a great avenue for some guerrilla marketing.

We threw up this meatball for The Dirty to tee off on, expecting a shitstorm of trash talk to erupt on Coy, and our show’s YouTube page views to break through the 100k mark. Unfortunately, since it was evidently apparent to the The Dirty’s moderators that CleanBox is a legitimate company with a real product, the post was buried in the Newport Beach section and the link to our show was cut out, ending our attempt at free publicity.

We wrote a few more emails from fake haters, with links to the show, but they edited the link each and every time. So, I’m embarrassed to say that we failed to hoax the idiots who run the one website that best typifies the decline of the American intellect.

We’re taking these hard learned lessons, and going back to the drawing board to come up with new, bolder, more effective hoaxes. Stay tuned…

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