greatest cover band EVER

Along with our bread and butter acts, CleanBox likes to keep a few side projects on tap. One of our specialties is working with bands that get people to both dance AND laugh. In months past, we have worked with The Metal Shakespeare Company from Portland, Oregon, a group that combines the works of the greatest literary figure in the English tradition with the rapid-fire guitar riffs of Iron Maiden and the stage antics of Spinal Tap. Keep an eye out for the next time they come down to SoCal, you won’t be disappointed.

Recently we added another great music act with a comedic twist to our lineup. Boldly titled Ever (as in The Greatest Cover Band Ever), this group pulls out all the stops to get asses shaking on the dance floor. You like hip hop? Then shake your skinny ass to Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back”. If you prefer rock and new wave classics you won’t be able to sit through their renditions of songs by Journey, Guns N Roses, Duran Duran, and Def Leppard. And, just as you think they are running out of surprises, the band pulls some Britney or Timberlake out of their bag of tricks. Basically, their set list is fine tuned to appeal to modern minds, which all suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. So don’t worry you can leave your Ritalin at home.

We are currently booking Ever at the Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach every Wednesday night. The show is rapidly becoming such a huge success that it’s recently been featured in the town’s paper, the esteemed Coastline Pilot.

So make sure you check them out soon before they blow up. In forty years when your grandkids are telling you about some lame band they just saw, you can laugh condescendingly and tell them about your experience watching the greatest cover band EVER (before they became the biggest band in the world).

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  1. EVERy Wed. Night at the Ocean Ave Brewery!

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