The World’s Greatest Beatles Tribute Band

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The only CleanBox keyboard has been broken for the past few months. Sorry to all the regulars who have been clamoring for content.

For those of you who missed the Fab Faux show on January 24 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, you’re in luck – we’re doing another one at the same venue on October 3.

To put it simply, this is an amazing show. Take five of the most versatile and talented professional musicians on the scene, have them play some of the last century’s most enduring popular music, and stage the whole thing in LA’s finest golden era downtown theatre – it is literally the best way I can think of to spend an evening. Call me biased, I am trying to sell tickets, but, I swear the band is so good I have no qualms being so cheesy.

They played complex psychedelic material like I am the Walrus, mainstream classics like Penny Lane (with a pitch perfect piccolo trumpet ending), beautiful deeper cuts like Mother Nature’s Son (with bassist Will Lee take a seat on the edge of the stage). Just thinking about it makes me bummed that the next one is 7 months away.

This time the band is going to do on of their popular theme shows for the first time on the West Coast: complete renditions of The Beatle’s last two albums, Abbey Road and Let it Be,

What else can I say?

Come out on October 3 for a one of a kind live music experience. The Fab Faux has already taken over New York (they sold out Radio City Music Hall last year). Their conquest of Los Angeles is next.



greatest cover band EVER

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Along with our bread and butter acts, CleanBox likes to keep a few side projects on tap. One of our specialties is working with bands that get people to both dance AND laugh. In months past, we have worked with The Metal Shakespeare Company from Portland, Oregon, a group that combines the works of the greatest literary figure in the English tradition with the rapid-fire guitar riffs of Iron Maiden and the stage antics of Spinal Tap. Keep an eye out for the next time they come down to SoCal, you won’t be disappointed.

Recently we added another great music act with a comedic twist to our lineup. Boldly titled Ever (as in The Greatest Cover Band Ever), this group pulls out all the stops to get asses shaking on the dance floor. You like hip hop? Then shake your skinny ass to Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back”. If you prefer rock and new wave classics you won’t be able to sit through their renditions of songs by Journey, Guns N Roses, Duran Duran, and Def Leppard. And, just as you think they are running out of surprises, the band pulls some Britney or Timberlake out of their bag of tricks. Basically, their set list is fine tuned to appeal to modern minds, which all suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. So don’t worry you can leave your Ritalin at home.

We are currently booking Ever at the Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach every Wednesday night. The show is rapidly becoming such a huge success that it’s recently been featured in the town’s paper, the esteemed Coastline Pilot.

So make sure you check them out soon before they blow up. In forty years when your grandkids are telling you about some lame band they just saw, you can laugh condescendingly and tell them about your experience watching the greatest cover band EVER (before they became the biggest band in the world).

Most Awkward Party Ever

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We travel around the country with the Killers, meeting super fans everywhere we go. When you hang out with Beetlejuice before a Killers show, you feel like you’re hanging with freak show royalty. Everyone recognizes him and everyone loves him.

It’s easy to get sucked into the hoopla, and feel like a big shot.

But, when we venture out of our element, when we take the act out of the fan zone, the whole formula changes.

This past weekend, the Killers accepted an offer to perform some material, an impromptu birthday roast, for a well-to-do fan at a private party in a hotel in Long Beach, California. We had a show two blocks away later that night, so it didn’t seem like a big deal.

But, after traveling from SF, and the extremely hectic Artie show, Levy, Yucko, and Shuli were all exhausted. We dragged them down to the party to find what looked like the cast of the Andy Griffith Show, a gang of 30 white collar Republicans and their families, sitting in a generic hotel conference room, with zero knowledge of the forthcoming entertainment.

Within five minutes of the Killers roast, two thirds of the audience had been directly insulted. The other third stared in shock at the filth that was spewing from the podium. The men were trying to decide if they were honor bound to defend their wives. Fifty years ago these same people would have lynched Yucko.

After the train wreck, Levy and Yucko made a beeline for the exit. Shuli and Beetle risked the angry mob to nab some free food.

But the best part of all… we got it all on tape.

To see the party in all its awkward glory you’re going to have to wait for the release of KOC on the Road Season 2.

Artie Show in SF

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Big weekend for CleanBox… On Friday we put on an Artie Lange show at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. Over 3,000 rabid fans got to see Artie perform over an hour of his stand up (not to mention Killer’s regulars Levy, Yucko, and Shuli). No one was disappointed. Artie’s hilarious tales of his dysfunctional life, overbearing mother, and struggles with overindulgence had everyone in attendance begging for more.

At the end of the show, Artie brought Beetlejuice up onstage for a one on one interview. And just like with the Killer’s of Comedy, it raised the very real question: was Artie opening for Beetlejuice? The little man steals the show every single time. There is something about him that makes grown women squeal like they were little girls at a Jonas Bros concert.

After the show, Bob Levy, Shuli, Yucko, and Beetlejuice made an appearance at the merch booth to sign autographs. Beetle couldn’t sign his t-shirts fast enough they were in such wild demand. Bob Levy made sure to help Beetle collect the right amount of money—though neither of them is the world strongest mathematician.

We also filmed the whole show for our Howard TV series: The Killers of Comedy – On The Road. Howard TV subscribers will get to enjoy Northern California resident, Eric the Midget, put through some well deserved torture. After bragging on the air that Sequoia had personally given him tickets, Eric was disappointed to find out that his name wasn’t on the will call list. The cameras follow him as he is forced to seek out Sequoia to rectify the situation. Only it didn’t end there. Sequoia gave Eric fake tickets and he was turned away at the door. The whole situation lasted for half an hour before Eric was finally let in. Some of us almost felt bad for him. After all, he is in a wheelchair.

But, like Shuli says, Eric is just about the only person you can be glad is in a wheelchair. It suggests that there is some order and justice in the universe.

More details on the crazy weekend to come…


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The people behind CleanBox Entertainment consider the hoax to be the most advanced form of social manipulation. We’re also in the promotions business. So, naturally, we got thinking about how we could combine our two passions.

Enter, a website that points a spotlight on the gold diggers, ballers, and posers that make up club life, from the hotspots of LA to the watering holes of the Jersey shore. Despite poor writing and extremely repetitive subject matter, the website enjoys an absurd level of popularity among fraternity rejects nationwide.

We recognized in this audience of red bull, vodka, and ecstasy ingesters the perfect demographic to capture with “The Promoter”. One of The Dirty’s main targets is the typical, talks-big-but-is-really-in-way-over-his-head, club promoter. So, since that’s pretty much what our show is about, we thought it would be a great avenue for some guerrilla marketing.

We threw up this meatball for The Dirty to tee off on, expecting a shitstorm of trash talk to erupt on Coy, and our show’s YouTube page views to break through the 100k mark. Unfortunately, since it was evidently apparent to the The Dirty’s moderators that CleanBox is a legitimate company with a real product, the post was buried in the Newport Beach section and the link to our show was cut out, ending our attempt at free publicity.

We wrote a few more emails from fake haters, with links to the show, but they edited the link each and every time. So, I’m embarrassed to say that we failed to hoax the idiots who run the one website that best typifies the decline of the American intellect.

We’re taking these hard learned lessons, and going back to the drawing board to come up with new, bolder, more effective hoaxes. Stay tuned…

Profile in 944 Magazine

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Check out the profile of CleanBox founder, Sequoia Slentz, in this month’s issue of 944 magazine.

Although the world CleanBox inhabits is a far cry from the glossy photo spreads of beautiful people getting their rocks off that fill the mag’s pages, the recognition is still appreciated. Even though we despise the types of people who are into the magazine: the Armani and cologne wearing set, the bitchy, fake-titted chicks who won’t give us the time of day, we are ready and willing to accept all publicity.

Plus, Sequoia and I got some free tequila at the photo shoot. Nothing beats a semi-solid excuse to drink hard liquor at noon.

The room was full of good looking girls with laptop computers trying to look professional, but coming across more like cold and aloof. FYI, 944 is run by ice queens.

So, buy the magazine if you feel compelled to read the profile, but for those of you too financially poor (and emotionally rich) to buy a magazine devoted to shallow, wannabe celebrities, here is a brief synopsis: Sequoia booked local bands in Laguna Beach, met Bob Levy of the Killers of Comedy, created a reality show, sold reality show to HowardTV, show airs in November, end of story.

CleanBox on the Idiot Box

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We’re kicking off our new blog with the exciting announcement that the CleanBox produced, unscripted series, The Promoter, has been picked up by HowardTV. Starting November 1, six episodes of the show (renamed The Killers of Comedy – On The Road) will air exclusively on the cable channel home of the King of All Media, Howard Stern.

Check out the first two episodes on YouTube, while you still can. And get HowardTV by November or you’ll miss live footage of Beetlejuice getting a tattoo, the Iron Sheik going berserk and getting tossed from the comedy tour, and much much more.